Just looked at my open tabs and got depressed

My life is so vanilla right now.  It’s been raining hard as all get out here for days and while once before that would send me into a state of arousal, now I’m just hoping it doesn’t flood, the roof doesn’t cave in or that I don’t catch a cold.  No erotic daydreams of climbing a tall soldier boy.  No wet dreams of being bound and gagged by a not so tall former Marine.  All in all just a boring few nights even though I was glad my fresh perm didn’t get wet.  I mean I know how to take better care of that now but it’s a pain lol.  I contemplated writing a story or starting to finish a book that’s been sitting on my hard drive for God only knows how long and yeah haven’t touched that either.  I’m so bored and boring.  We won’t get into the last time I had sex at all but let’s just say it’s even longer than he’s been gone because he’s a bit of a sex camel.  I know there’s interesting things to do and I had fun cooking and baking today but I can’t cook 24 hours a day.  Ahhh let me go update the blockbuster que so I don’t end up with another movie I’ve already seen.  Oh and I’m sure you were wondering about the tab thing lol.  FetLife is one of my always ready to go to sites.  I have a friend request pending but so not interested in my fellow kinksters hitting on me right now when I’m feeling so disconnected from the lifestyle.

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