once a month, could be worse

i haven’t had much in the way of updates. more of a dilemma really. still trying to get mom out to visit my adorable nieces before i’m branded the worst sister ever but damn flights have gotten INSANE in the last few months. nothing much to update with Him. we aren’t talking regularly and when we do it’s hard not to fight. He doesn’t want us to split up and is convinced He’ll be back. He’s been gone since the end of November and with the exception of a skype call we haven’t seen each other at all since. His plans are still stalled and i’m about eight shades past fed up. years of waiting for RS and now Him has me at the end of my romantic rope. and then i saw something that just irked my nerves lol. i was ready to move forward with the book stuff and i hear that Paypal is nixing any indy booksellers that carry adult content they deem inappropriate which would definitely include my stories. frustrated a bit. any ideas?

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