la la la la la la la

okay i so don’t have anything to talk about. but i am paying to host this darn thing so i should at least get my money’s worth. i am still feeling crappy off and on and this morning was definitely an on. i need to schedule a doctor’s appointment tout suite so i’ll try to do that this afternoon. i did schedule one that is unrelated to what’s going on with me so i can pat myself on the back for that. i also checked on my order cause they hadn’t issued my refund yet of which i was expecting a grand total of like 11.90. apparently though when they make a mistake they issue the amount of the item and shipping. so i get a free calendar–whenever it arrives they sorta have been delayed since they had more people respond than anticipated. anyhoo life is good, tired, mom is still nuts, we’re still learning each other but we’re having good conversations and well let’s face it i’m just cute sometimes so it helps a lot lol. okay i hope all is well with everyone.

love ya

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