nothing to say, too much on the brain

have you ever had one of those moments? there is so much running around in my brain but absolutely none of it is useful in the grand scheme of things. what i want i really cannot have but i don’t want to dwell on that or make the object of my want feel bad about not being available. He would be here tormenting me, making me play nice with my mother and planning a slightly less elaborate than He might originally have planned, when and if planning took place at all, wedding so that by all appearances we were just another perfectly happy upwardly mobile couple. i do like the appearances don’t get me wrong, but it would be very nice to be able to take in a pillow to plop down on at work and not really explain my ass is steamy red and uncomfortable to plop down on without extra padding. i mean i could, i don’t share everything with the folks at work but it would be nicer to not even have to broach the subject. that your kink, as long as it wasn’t harming anyone else, could be just another basic old relationship.

i’m not desperate for a spanking at the moment. i could really go for one but the reality of life means the great lord spanko is not available so i will just enjoy sitting on my tushy while i can. i daydreamed for a moment on friday that He would surprise me at the car a la one of my smutty stories from a while back. yeah no such surprise lol but it was nice to daydream. i’m going to grab a bite to eat and read so i can return this book to the library. if anything becomes coherent enough to scribble out here i’ll be back. if not enjoy your sunday.

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