i’ve been a bad bad girl

okay so not really and hold on for a second let me see something. everytime i say i’ve been a bad bad girl i think of the video right above this. my days of breaking a boy just because i can have long since faded. i don’t deal with men that i can break or easily manipulate anymore. it’s actually boring being able to get exactly what you want constantly. well at least it was for me. it’s fun for like a week and then it dawned on me that the boy in question would do anything i said including some things i’d never do for him so i’d look to replace him with someone that would prove to be a bigger challenge. of course this was all about a decade ago at this point but yeah i still think of that song. thanks to one of my friends i also have another song stuck in my head. i think i posted it when it came up around christmas time cause it was hilarious but feel free to laugh again if you like.

other than that i really have been behaving. except for the thirty minutes that i was laughing because a sorority sister announced her pregnancy–i didn’t laugh in her face that would have been rude–and she is just not maternally minded so we are all wondering what will happen now. i still don’t have my scores back yet but what can you do. hopefully they will come in tomorrow and give me some resolution one way or the other. thanks to everyone that has said you have passed don’t worry about it but i’m a little anal and yes i know the various ways that can be misinterpreted lol. nothing i can do about the scores right now i just want em back now. i think i’d like a box now lol. damn military service.

see ya

oh my god, i forgot to share what my friend told me. he knows all about me and the kink that is my life and in having a conversation about football i told him about this recurring fantasy i have about Roaming Soldier and the NFL season lol. all my friend said was you need some Orbit gum cause you are a dirty dirty girl. that made me crack up. so here’s an orbit commercial for you.

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