project funny

i am a huge fan of bravo’s reality tv stuff. well two of them, top chef and project runway. every now and then there is a recipe i want to try and i’m always amazed at what the fashion folks whip up. anyway i was scrolling the net tonight, no surprise there, and found this quote from project runway host heidi klum about her husband seal.

Her husband, musician Seal, also chips in around the house, whipping up traditional English breakfasts of eggs and beans. And they take time for each other, keeping the romance alive – aided by her tight-fitting jeans.

“He always does a butt check,” says Klum, who returns the favor. “I like him in jeans. I like him in anything. I like him without anything.”

Which almost makes it obvious how they keep their relationship hot.

Says Seal: “It keeps itself hot.”

okay i’m sorry that’s the cutest thing i’ve seen a married couple say in lord knows when. here’s a link the whole article if you want to SEE IT (umm click see it in ase you were confused).

the studying is going well, i’m well beyond passing now but i am still going to drill until probably tuesday and just review a little bit on wednesday. hope everyone is okay.


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