do something nice today

okay in the rash of crazed brides–and not so crazy brides–getting married today a lot of other things are getting buried in the news. well maybe not this stuff that i’m about to talk about because i don’t watch a lot of things that aren’t on cartoon network, a&e and a few other select channels–espn especially now since wimbledon is on—GO VENUS IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY (can you tell i hope she wins). anyway what was i getting around to? oh yeah. i love prince as most of you know and today his fascination with the number 7 has come forth in a positive fashion. he’s launching a 24 hour fundraising event to divide money among seven charities. i was happy to see that sheila e.’s elevate hope group was among the list of seven charities. anyhoo if all goes as planned then the effort will raise at least half a million dollars. even though i will probably never wear it i bought a bottle and after the reading the things mixed in for it i also won’t be as traumatized as i was by his previous scented offerings. anyway if you like click on the link and check out the charities and decided if you want to join the global purple nation and help out everything from kids to jazz and education.

i was gonna tell ya about how i was listening to the first maroon 5 cd today as i was driving home and really wished Roaming Soldier was home to ummm reap the benefits of said aural experience but i will refrain for the moment.


okay i’m sightly retarded sometimes lol and don’t always read things through. i submitted the rope to The Naughty Guide to see what they had to say but they had already taken a gander. Here’s the review and what do you know we got 4 stars:

Starla Says – Another one of my favorites! This site has remained consistent throughout the years. Written openly and honestly. This African American woman discusses her life all the ups and downs a no holds barred site. True, open and honest, without the drama often found in other blogs. A great read!

Angel Says – Lovely design on this site. This was a new blog for me and I enjoyed the author’s style very much. Seems very heartfelt.

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