welcome to a year of 2007 wonders

well i have no way of knowing there will be 2007 wonders this year but if 2006 was any indication for me this year will so rock. i’ve found the most wonderful Man to spend my life with. i finished the damn degree and can now have a the ability to work any and everywhere because i am no longer ABD (all but dissertation for those that are wondering) and can move back into academia if i so desire. i’m managing to not kill my mother so that’s always good and i have goten very attached to a very cute little girl that is going to make me laugh a lot probably as i’m looking up at her because she’s getting her father’s height apparently. i don’t know what the year has in store but i’m gladly looking forward to it. it is a time for new beginnings to be sure but mainly for me it’s about strengthening and continuing the things that have been placed in front of me.

last year was my year of completion for a lot of things and i’m in a good place. there are new obstacles of course but really i couldn’t be happier about where i am and what i am doing right now. well personally, professionally we have a lot to get done but that is just what is is right now. but the biggest thing is i am happy and i got to talk to Roaming Solder for a little bit yesterday and if God is willing then RS will be home soon so i can quit corrupting your brains with smut on such a consistent basis.

se ya

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