howdy people

maybe i’ll come up with a title by the time i finish writing this post. i have been terribly cranky lately. it’s pms of course but too much has happened in the last 48 hours for it to just be that. i hate liars and i hate being put in a bad position because of someone else’s mistakes. that annoys me like nothing else. i’m going to hide out until tuesday of course because we are off tomorrow because of the holiday. i’m eating now and that is lovely but i wanna push my momma down the steps again. i’m cramping and you want to bother me about minor bullshit? that is not in the best interest of your emotional health because i tend to not apologize for shit people do when i’m feeling bad. she’s crazy as a loon i know that but she is also making me irritated as shit.

moving on right now. i’ve been looking back over my last post to see if i would change anything about it and really i probably wouldn’t. i have been around blog land and see people celebrating what w did as a good step and not bowing to democrats. what i need everyone to understand is w and the republicands and the democrats are not the ones in the desert right now. and before anyone says well they signed up for this so they should have anticipated this happening. we haven’t been in any active squirmish on this scale since the last shrub left the white house. tens of thousands of men and women who were in the reserves surely weren’t anticipating this. and let’s not broach the subject of the flat out lying recruiters have been doing since this fiasco started, not all of them–most recruiters are good honest folks, that it’s just annoying for me that while he can take responsibility for his missteps that he cannot understand that a bigger misstep is yet to come. i pray for all of us that we aren’t paying for the sins of w’s father for the rest of our lives.

moving on again. my smut production has ground to a halt. i’m feeling a nesting coming on. i want to curl up with Roaming Soldier and ignore the daily crap that accumulates. i want to be looking at houses with Him. i want to picking out the stupid invitations and ummm rehearsing the wedding night lol. instead i’m hoping that i don’t get crappy phone calls saying something has happened. that would be sooooooooo horrible but we aren’t dwelling there right now. in other good happy news, i got letters and cards from Him on thursday which make me smile something awful. and then i found out the girls have names now. all very pretty and of course i can’t use any of them now lol. i had a dream i was in labor last night for a really long time. i’m not sure what i had. i just remember being in the bed, being in a lot of pain and wishing like hell they would just pull the kid out of me lol. really things are okay with me save all the crampy stuff.

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