merry christmas

okay this post probably won’t be that long. i finished my desserts for tomorrow. an amaretto white chocolate pecan pie and muffins i made from my cream cheese poundcake batter. it ended up making twelve largish muffins and only cooked for an hour. i can remember that for small parties in case i need to frost a few or put something special in certain cups for different folks. my domestic side is coming out lol. i’ve been cleaning up and getting rid of the stuff i don’t need. i also finally started using the shredder i bought many moons ago to get rid of important documents as safely as possible.

my brother and sister in law have crossed into the age bracket that folks automatically assume it’s okay to start asking you when are you going to have kids totally neglecting the fact that they don’t have to take care of the crumbsnatchers if you are nice enough to oblige them by having some before the next major family gathering. i gave them my old lines–if you keep them till they are potty trained i will happily assist you with that OR i’m entirely too selfish to share my sleep with another human right now–and told them to give folks cookies and ask them to sit down. other than that it’s a good day around this way. i haven’t talked to Roaming Soldier but i know He is safe and i know that He loves me. what else could a girl want? okay hug your families, i’ll bother ya after my food induced coma wears off.

oh and if you have any desire to know my favorite christmas song click below. love ya

forgot to mention, this was my 400th post lol

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