damn the title

really i can’t think of one at all. i damn near fell asleep thinking of one. so anyhoo here’s the deal. i spent the entire day, from eight to three, being mommy’s chauffer. two doctors, way too much shopping, two meals and then back home. eight to three is my normal workday on tuesdays. to put it politely i was not a happy camper. not because i was annoyed but because i was tired. for some reason an eight am doctor’s visit didn’t say stay out till three to me. and really we left both doctors by 10:30 so the rest of my day was wasting time and gas. now she’s in the back singing loudly and off key with marvin gaye. she’s singing so loudly that she missed both knocks at the front door. one was from the maintenance guy here that i swear is mildy mentally handicapped. he’s seen me go in and out of this apartment no less than half a dozen times and when i opened the door he said “ohhhhhh you live here” like it had just occured to him. add that to the fact that he seems to have a gathering of sixteen year old girls falling him around (not to speak to his mental abilities moreso than his maturity level) and he’s almost always wearing wifebeaters (for those unfamiliar with the term please click here) and sweats he strikes an interesting image roaming around the complex. the second knock was a knock for me so that’s not so bad.

it was the outfit i ordered from hips and curves (see link under shopping) to go along with my cookie peddling outfit. now of course i tried it on to see how it fit and where it might be tight. let’s just say the tie and the top fit great. the skirt is in war with my ass and the jacket hates my arms, can’t blame it i hate them too. immediately after wiggling out of the skirt and folding the jacket away to go back into it’s nice storage spot i was reminded that instead of giving into my head screaming BED on the way home that i should just take my ass on over to the gym and sign up. as it stands right now, if i don’t do it now–like the next sixty minutes–then my first shot is friday. tomorrow night is a see ya later dinner and thursday i have to attend an outreach project. i mean i guess it doesn’t matter since i’m not really able to get to the gym before friday anyway but starting this friday (yes THIS one, no more bullshitting boys and girls) i have to get back to the gym. i’m not looking to become a guest star on “how i got skinny” (and before you ask i have no idea if that show exists lol) but i don’t want to have to buy a larger size because my breasts and arms are in a civil war with the jackets i try to cover them with (oh in case i didn’t mention it, unless my breasts deflate a bit with the rest of me that top button is gonna be holding on for dear life. that i’m not all that unaccustomed to, my breasts are large. short of surgery there’s not a lot i can do about that).

so if any of you see me online before seven pm on friday ask me why i’m home so early. it’s okay i give you permission. after that i’ll think about posting a schedule to make sure i am regularly harassed even though after spending money on the real gym and the real workout clothes plus wanting to be able to keep up with “Mr. Super Stamina because i went back to basic and am now stuck in the desert” (better known as Roaming Soldier) and wanting to indulge in all those tossed into the wall fantasies rushing through my brain, the gym is a MUST. okay that’s enough. see ya later.


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