The Honeymoon Part III

after being able to sleep in the day before, she was up early. it wasn’t that she didn’t want to sleep but she wanted to get up and whip up something light for breakfast. that of course didn’t happen. she made what was on hand, some toast and bacon, eggs, cereal, sausage, juice and milk. she had no earthly idea why she made both of those but she was actually looking for something to add to it when she felt Him behind her. His arms snaked around her waist and she felt warm and loved. “Hi honey, as You can see i went a little overboard with the food but i wasn’t sure what You would want this morning.”

He looked over at the table and kissed her neck before letting her go. “you always make too much food honey but it’s okay. I love that we never have to wonder what we are going to eat.” He sat at the table and fixed Himself a plate while she buzzed around the room and looked out of the window at the ocean crash up on the beach. “It is so beautiful here.”

“Not as beautiful as the sight of you naked in my arms. Now come sit down and eat so we can figure out what we are going to do today.” she did what she was told and they lounged around as they ate. He sent her to shower after they were done and smiled as she came out of the bedroom. she had put on a white fitted top that was hugging her breasts and a pair of loose coral shorts. she smirked at Him and told Him the shower was all His. He sent her away when she tried to come help Him get ready and fully expected her to be half asleep when He finally emerged from the bedroom. instead she was curled up on the small sofa writing postcards to family and fondling her ring. He sat down after lifting her legs up and putting them in His lap. “What would you like to do today?”

“Honestly whatever You have in mind is good with me. i’m just happy to be away from everyone we know, being able to indulge in whatever we want whenever we want is great for me. So if we stay in or go out or play another game i lose,” she said with a renewed smirk, “i am good.”

“Great because I don’t want You to lose any games today. Let’s go do the tourist thing for a while. Oh and don’t be surprised by the random nudity before we actually get off the resort grounds.”

“i meant to ask You about that. i mean Jon and Mecole were a bit more than comfortable fucking in front of us yesterday.”

“Yeah well, the resort is a bit more than clothing optional. Having sex in the main resort areas isn’t exactly encouraged but no one would be remotely surprised to see us out in the whirlpool or coming up from the ocean not wearing anything.”

“Obie kaybe Daddy, whatever You say. i am sure that You told them i get a bit of a charge out of watching people.”

“Of course I did but that’s also why I wasn’t worried about anyone coming up and watching the festivities. Now let’s go into town and buy some presents for the family and pick up some supplies.” she followed Him out to the shuttle they were taking into town. It was just warm enough to work up a light sweat as they were walking around but it wasn’t terribly uncomfortable. They stopped for lunch at a local spot and ate till they got bored. They admired the accents of those around as they were quizzed about being from the States and where they were staying which garnered more than a few raised eyebrows. she happily showed off her ring to those that asked about their recent nuptials while He smiled at her behaving terribly girly. He’d make fun of her when they got home and she returned to the pseudo tomboy He had fallen in love with. They went back to their shopping and managed to get the last present in before the heat became oppressive. They flagged down another shuttle, bartered on the price then went back to the resort. The maid service had tidied up the bed, cleaned the bathroom and restocked the fruit. she put away the small bag of groceries she bought and went back to the sofa to sit. He had gone to shower and came out some time later wrapped in a towel. “Hop in the shower sweety. We are going out to dinner and then dancing.”

she looked up at Him and said okay. she took time to make sure there wasn’t a hair on her legs because she had no plans on wearing hose. she stepped out and dried off quickly. she put on the little makeup that she was going to wear and sprayed on a light dose of Contradiction. He sniffed the air around her when she finally got out of the bathroom before kissing her forehead. “Don’t you smell lovely.”

“Why thank you,” she said as she sat to rub lotion into her arms and legs. When she got to her torso, He stopped her and told her to be still.

He went back into the bedroom closet and grabbed the rope. “Okay Daddy said that He didn’t want you to lose a game today. He meant it but now it’s tonight which technically isn’t today so I’ve got a little challenge for you. I’m going to make a nice little shibari design over your nice naked skin and then we are going to go out dancing. The ropes will end up getting more uncomfortable as you sweat I’m sure and the poor rope between your thighs will be rubbing up against your pussy and clit. If you can make it through dinner and dancing without begging Me to cut you lose, you win. If not then it’s back to the spanking but this time it will just be over My knee.”

“what happens if i win?”

“Whatever you want honey.” He answered her quickly and didn’t even put much thought into because He was positive she’d want out before they had been on the floor an hour. He snaked the ropes over her stomach and knotted it to hold it secure. He repeated the diamond pattern over and between her breasts making sure to frame them but not wrap the rope around her so tightly that it would be an unfair advantage for Him. He took the most pleasure carefully placing the rope over her pussy. He placed it in the places He thought the most pressure would be generated and knotted the loose ends on her hips. He helped her find a dress that wouldn’t show off the ropes but wasn’t too loose. They left after she ran a brush through her hair and came skipping out of the bedroom. “cannot wait to hit the dance floor,” she said as she brushed past Him with a smile on her face.

Dinner was scrumptious and she clearly could feel the bindings as they lingered over each course. When it finally ended, she was shifting her thighs and He started expecting her to start begging to be freed soon. He was wrong. she asked Him to dance and He obliged. The music was visceral, heavy drumbeats, undulating rhythms kept her spinning around Him for nearly an hour before He felt her pulling Him off the floor. “Does My little girl want out now?”

“Nope, i wanna go to the bathroom and get some water then i’ll be ready to start again.” He looked surprised but agreed. she came back took her bottle of water and then led Him back out on the floor. One of the local women showed her a new dance while He observed her hips swaying. she smiled up at Him a few moments later when she finally had the steps down and then shimmied around Him. He was starting to get tired and was hoping she was too. The hair on the nape of her neck was getting stuck to it, her chest was heaving and He could only imagine what the friction between her thighs was doing to her pussy. He led her to their table and was again shocked when she didn’t ask to be freed. she wiggled in her chair in time with the music and He was soon asked by a gentleman from another table if she could dance. she looked at Him for permission and when He kissed her cheek she hopped up and followed the stranger onto the floor. she twirled around with her partner till someone else cut in and proceeded to start spinning her around the floor quickly. she appeared dizzy for a second but caught her balance and followed the second partner’s lead. when she was handed off for the second time, it finally dawned on Him that He couldn’t win this bet. After about twenty minutes, He went and cut in.

“So My little girl won this round didn’t she?”

“of course i did. Now Daddy knows i love being tied up. the ropes keep me calm and the ones between my thighs have just been keeping me on the verge of orgasm for hours. lovely feeling really, thanks for that Daddy.” He only shook His head and asked if she was ready to go. she said yes and they strolled back up the beach to their bungalow. When they got inside, He asked her what she wanted as a prize. “i want Daddy to fuck me into a stupor and give me a nice over the knee spanking before i fall asleep the way i like to.” He smiled and helped her strip as He took off His own clothes. He reached for knife to cut her loose but she stopped Him. “umm leave em on please. i’m sure that you can work around them.”

He smiled at her and pulled her into bed with Him. His hand slid between her thighs and the heat coming from her wetness caught Him off guard. “you want Daddy in there don’t you?”

“of course i do, silly man asking silly questions.”

He slid down to her legs and shoved her legs apart. His mouth made contact with her clit before she could ask what He was doing and her eyes started to glaze over. He lapped at her folds and plunged His tongue inside her. her hands ran over His head while her pelvis kept lifting up to His mouth. He smiled and kept up His assault until she started trying to push Him away by pressing her feet against His shoulders. He stopped, grabbed her legs by the ankles and shoved them upwards until she was helpless to stop Him then He resumed the tongue lashing. she moaned and writhed her pussy against His face. she came with a rush and her legs shook in His hands. He lowered them to the bed when the tremors subsided and asked her what she wanted next. she responded by pushing Him to the bed and mounting Him. she had soaked the rope and it felt smoother agasint her folds as she raised and lowered herself on His shaft. the mix of sensations had her breathing ragged faster than He’d ever seen it but she didn’t cum. her eyes snapped shut and she focused on the feeling of Him inside of her. she leaned backwards a bit and He got a lovely view of His dick disappearing inside her pussy. It made His dick stir as well as a trigger a primal need to have her on her knees. He sat up and put an arm around her back to brace her as He pulled her to Him.

“On your knees baby.” she climbed off of Him and got on all fours on the bed. He slid inside her slowly, relishing the feel of her body working to accomodate Him in this positon. They moved together easily and she felt divine around Him. The pace stayed slow for ten more minutes before she started fucking Him from her vantage point. He grabbed her hair and let her buck into Him until she came again. she shuddered then but she knew He hadn’t cum yet. He fucked her hard then. she was screaming Daddy into the air and loving the feeling of being filled. He ground into her pussy one more time before pulling out in a rush. The warm air caressng her pussy made her want Him inside of her again before she felt herself being pulled into His lap. The spanking was quick and hard. His hand made contact with her ass and got it good and warm again. The suddenness of it coupled with the pain made her cum for the last time that evening, or so she thought. He felt her puddle form on His knee and then carefully placed her back on the bed. He stood up and pulled a knife from His suitcase. He took great pleasure in cutting her loose and His dick reflected it. When the last rope was laying on the bedroom floor, she moved over in the bed until He was comfortably in bed with her. she gave Him a deep kiss and let Him suck on her neck and nipples before she disappeared beneath the sheets.He sighed shortly after that as she took Him into her mouth and started sucking. she sucked gently, almost painfully slowly and flicked at different parts of Him. she joined Him in the sighing and allowed her mouth to stay slack as He began fucking it. she cupped His balls and massaged them while He kept slowly pumping between her lips. the buildup was excrutiating. one of her hands found her clit while the other pumped His dick into her mouth. When He came in her mouth it was salty and full and sweet and she loved it. she removed her mouth momentarily to say thank you to Him and then suckled at the head of His dick again. His fingers rubbed her scalp until He could manage a thank you back to her. He slackened up a bit and she drifted off with Him firmly planted between her lips. Ok so this wasn’t necessarily a bad way to lose He thought and fell into a gentle snore with her.

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