back in the day

this post has nothing to do with the normal stuff here. well i can’t say nothing it’s just a bit far afield. tonight while dealing with the readjusting cable channels here i got stuck on Turner Classic Movies for a minute. well i intended on it being a minute but as is the case most of the time i put it on TCM i got sidetracked. there was a movie on, for love of ivy, which had in my opinion a silly premise. the kids try to get the maid a man so she’ll stay in town. problem is they fix up a pretty sweet girl (ivy aka abbey lincoln) with a known gambler and hustler (jack aka sidney poitier). the first date was okay, a little trippy. the second date they go back and forth yet again before they ended up at jack’s place and having a fun romp in bed. she goes home even MORE ready to leave than she had been before, found out about setup and gets angry. jack comes to get her realizing that his hustling was getting in the way of him having a nice girl in his life so he gives it up and pledges his affection to ivy. they fight and fight some more and then she eventually gives in and leaves with him right as his buddy gets arrested and they drive off into the proverbial sunset after agreeing to bail him out. why did i tell you all of this? well because it occurred to me then and especially right after when i found myself skipping over project runway for a special on judy garland that i can be immensely fascinated by things that are well done. by that i mean i hate most music and movies out today because it doesn’t require people to be GOOD at what they are doing. now i didn’t particularly like sidney most of the movie but the man could act. i feel amazingly sad whenever i watch something on judy garland but the woman could sing her little drug dependent behind off. that could be why i like Prince so much (no link because his main site is down) and people like him. people that actually have skill, can hold a note, can make me forget who they are in real life because they are playing the hell out of their role (denzel washington, angela bassett, s. epatha merkerson, mahershalalhashbaz ali (okay so i barely know him period but he kicks ass on the 4400 and his name is richard so i remember it), etc. call me crazy but i sorta enjoy people actually having to have soem talent BEYOND looking cute to get a record deal or movie contract. and because we have been inundated with watered down crap so long it is nearly impossible for those with true talent to get ahead in wake of all things pretty dominating things. don’t get me wrong. i love staring at brad pitt when he’s having a good hair day but did ya see the man in se7en? that was some good acting and had nothing to do with how he looked. i guess my point here is when talented things are presented to me in favor of ohhhh the latest dramedy that mimics friends i get excited. how about you?

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