on new beginnings

life is wonderfully interesting. as always, when i feel the absolute worst, Roaming Soldier shows up and makes everything all better. it’s not something i can peg or explain. i can’t ever thank Him enough for that either. the time difference can make things very difficult from time to time but beyond that He tends to show up when i need Him much more than i am there for Him in return. i am awfully attentive when i am around but life keeps me jumping more than i would like. i drove back to town earlier than even i planned and checked into the hotel i had originally planned to spend the whole weekend in. i’ll call my mother soon and let her know i’m in town if she needs something but that i’ll be home in the morning and we’ll go running around like she wants. i need some more time completely alone. in the last seventy two hours i’ve been on the road nearly eleven hours so i’m sure my nerves are a little frayed on top of the other stuff that made me upset. it would be unfair to take all that out on mom and hell i paid for the room already might as well enjoy it. i’ll go house hunting tomorrow and if we find anything reasonable i’ll look into buying it. then i can get a small furry creature of my own to keep me company until Roaming Soldier comes home. and something to keep mommy busy while i don’t want to be the friendly one. the next 24 hours is about me being silly and relaxing. i think i’m heading over to waffle house in a few because well i want some waffle house. a little more dead wood has been cleared from my life as well so i can focus whole heartedly on the people in my life that love and care about me as well as enjoy the energy that provides me. i love Roaming Soldier, He loves me, the Littlest Soldier is getting to know me and us as a couple to some small degree. life is proceeding as it should and i really couldn’t be happier.

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