will wonders never cease

okay for a moment this weekend i would have bet even money that my rain fetish had all but evaporated. it’s been raining for days and nothing about it has been exciting in the slightest. well hey here’s a shocker that even i had to process, spurred on by talking to Roaming Soldier last night, rain can’t be sexy if it sounds like you are about to be washed away. and i don’t mean washed away amidst a torrent of lust i mean like “hey virginia grab the dogs because the house is about to float down to tulsa.” it’s been raining true enough but that’s been accompanied by severe weather alerts, horrendous wind, periodic moments of hail and the odd tornado warning. not that i’m particularly invested in my current locale but this weekend made me want to move. they were having a much more intense storm where Roaming Soldier is currently being held hostage (ok so he’s not REALLY a captive but ummm i’d like him to be able to come home now). enough about the rain.

my mother, lovely woman that she is, will soon be living in a storage unit if she doesn’t leave me alone. she’s LITERALLY driving me insane and i have NEVER spent so much time behind a closed door ohhh except since the last time i lived with her. she is really looney as all hell and doesn’t seem to get it. from not remembering to do things to seeming incapable of reading simple directions i am so not enjoying my roommate. and this is interspersed with moments of “i want, i need, you just don’t understand red, well you didn’t tell me about him (in reference to RS, i barely told her about Emperor and that was towards the end of that relationship), you know i called so and so after you brought them up but i didn’t tell him why i was here or who i was living with (umm the person in question was discussed over a month ago at her birthday dinner—she just called them this weekend), i’m so sad, i want things to be different and oh i forgot” just to add some flavor to my day. i know it probably sounds like i’m being a spoiled brat and hey i can admit to having some brat moments HOWEVER this is insane. i’d happily welcome the Littlest Soldier right now just because she has got to be more entertaining (even if she’s likely to drain me because she sleeps just as much as i do ROFLMAO read not at all) than my mother. i’m teetering here folks and i need a vacation, she’ll be gone again soon (come on June) but it’s disturbing me that i need her to leave so freaking much so that i just don’t kill her.

and to add to my wonderment for the day lol i went roaming ebay as i am periodically looking for various things there. in light of the cookie peddling stories i have been earnestly searching for some more authentic girl scout wear. i will eventually be motivated to get rid of my tummy so i can buy the more provocative naughty girl scout gear but until that time is upon me i wanted something that would befit the story for authenticity purposes. i made the skirt the wrong color intentionally in the story and do have one or two that will work for that but me being me–something with girl scout on it was necessary lol. ebay’s selection was goofy plus i couldn’t figure out the sizing at all. so i went to the mothership and was redirected to the mothership’s shopping portal and lo and behold they had most of what i was looking for ON SALE including the all important sash–not on sale but not crucial as everything else was. for fifteen bucks i got everything a good little cookie peddler would need. i put a rush on the shipping and if it doesn’t fit i’ll be selling my wares here lol but i think they should be fine after consulting the charts. the tops left something to be desired both price wise and overall appearance so the starched white one i have at home, that was purchased for the skirt, will just have to do. okay i think i’ve babbled enough. i hope everyone had a good weekend and has a great day.

your resident cookie peddler

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