long time no click

sorry everybody. i got distracted by the lack of other human in my house. i dropped my mother off on sunday afternoon after a rather enjoyable drive truth be told and came home and did absolutely nothing. well that’s not entirely true. i got undressed after i went to wally-world (wal-mart for the non locals). i lay around and just watched tvs, played on blogshares entirely too much and daydreamed about being tucked in tight next to Roaming Soldier. i was disappointed though, when i left home the weather was overcast and i was ready to come home and enjoy a nice shower and well, you know lol. but it was bright and sunny when i got home. not necessarily a bad thing but definitely not what i wanted. i enjoyed being naked until i potted the tulips i bought at wally-world, tried to do something to my hair and then got in bed very late.

i did manage to sneak in a few minutes with Roaming Soldier before bed. it’s been raining on them a lot as they are doing drills. while i don’t envy him the drills at all, the rain is distracting and i am a wee bit sad it didn’t rain on us here. i am thoroughly enjoying him calling me “his little girl” and calling him “Daddy” in return. i enjoy curling up under the covers and think of what it would be like to have his fingertips tracing my spine while he licks and sucks and enjoys the flesh neareast to him. i delight in the thoughts. they make me smile as i drift off to happy dreams. i hope for nothing more than a few days alone with him before they ship him to the middle of west hell. let my domestic diva-dom run wild as i take care of him and then turn my body over to him at will.

we probably won’t talk tonight, basic is gearing up for the end and he needs to be resting even if he did have time to chat. i’ll be daydreaming about him for certain and if hear a few drops against the window you’ll all hear about it. see ya soon of course.

love ya

eta: well damn i bypassed 10000 unique hits today and didn’t even realize it. thanks for everyone that has popped by once and those that keep coming back. maybe this weekend if i break 12/15K i’ll have a proper celebration.

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