life according to carmen electra

okay so you know i really wouldn’t be taking sage advice on my life and how to run it from carmen electra right? of course not, while she’s learned to make fun of herself and appears very happily married she is still one of Prince’s ex-girlfriends which means i can’t take advice from her. you can’t leave Prince, he’s so goooooooooooooorgeous in his ambiguously sexy way. okay i’m all off tangent. so no i’m not taking advice on the world from carmen but i have to give a ringing endorsement for her stripper aerobics dvd series. i popped in the first dvd tonight and had a blast. it’s remotivating me to get to the gym and now i am learning something sexy and fun in the process.

i’ll probably bubble bath it again tonight and tonight will be different in that i can do whatever i want as loudly as i want because the house is momentarily all mine again. i’m not tickled about the reason but the freedom is great. my mother flew back to dallas today. her mother took a turn for the worse and we aren’t sure she’s going to get better. so she is headed back to shreveport with her sisters and brothers to be with her. i, of course, cannot take off for that and am just lucky we had those frequent flyer miles so that i could put her on the plane for much less than it would have been otherwise. so no free trip to see Emperor lol but maybe i can get Him down here to christen all the rooms in the place.

and speaking of Emperor, i am having a blast being His. i need to finish doing some work He gave me to do (can we say YEAH work lol) and report back to Him. He will be the first beneficiary i’m sure of the stripper routines lol. i love my Dom, i love my Dom lol. okay enough being giddy. y’all have a nice night.


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