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Summary of your Three SOULMATE CARDS:
Stress and conflict can arise from polarizing over our differences. This may be a good time to bring more acceptance to whatever is different. Begin to look within yourself for what is being triggered by any difference that upsets you. There may be room for healing or growth within yourself.
Whenever experiencing a challenge, look for the hidden opportunity there. You have the chance to learn new ways of relating or communicating. Ways that will work better in the future. See the chance for mutual personal growth or healing. Move through the challenge in a new and constructive way.
It is good to step back sometimes and see the big picture, especially if you ever feel stuck or upset. Take a little time out. Center yourself. View your situation in a new light. Look for how you can take a positive step and move forward at this time, if even just a small step.
Use the above as a starting point. Spend a minute more and look at your cards with this question: What new or different things are they suggesting for you to do?

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