ohh i knew i was forgetting something

Emperor and i have been having good conversations as of late. He does seem happy with me and with my progress. we were able to discuss relationship parameters within this whole Master/slave dynamic we have going. i mean because i’ve been reading about Doms/Masters that pretty much do whatever the hell they want while their subs sit idly by and take it. and since we’re still negotiating what it means for us to be in this state i wanted to know what He felt about it. does He want as many subs as He can manage? does He expect me to sit on my hands most assuradely alone and wait for His visits? so basically there were things we had to address to figure out what life meant for us at this point.

well He was very upfront and very much so a nurturing Master during the last convos. of course He doesn’t want me to be playing with anyone else, that was clear ages ago but it was reinforced this last week. i asked Him about His desire to have His penis roaming (sorry couldn’t think of any other way to say that) about town or the planet and He assured me that was not something He was interested in or that i needed to be worried about. we talked about my collar again and how i was honestly interested in one i could wear constantly or even do an ankle bracelet instead which He got very excited about. so that may be my alternative but ever present symbol of this man i’m choosing to give myself to. yeah i know that violates the whole slave protocol but i choose Him to be that person. my service to Him and my limits are not really my choice except that i adore making Him happy. anyway the last and most necessary conversation was about relocation.

meeting each other the way and at the time we did was annoying. to find someone seemingly so willing to make us happy in this way and then be hundreds of miles away from each other within a few weeks just sucked. i miss Him and He misses me. there are days, like yesterday for example, when it would have made me incredibly happy to know that He was home or soon would be home with me. there are times when we talk that He wants me there with Him, of course on my knees and with my collar on but most importantly just there with Him. so that leaves us with a problem since we are a billion miles apart it seems. well sort of if relocation isn’t an option. being brave sub i did just ask if He would like me closer to Him on a permanent basis. He quickly said yes and i quickly asked in a different way to ensure that He was clear about this. i told Him that of course i wouldn’t be relocating in the next few months but i didn’t want Him to feel like i was encroaching on his space. He told me that i could only be encroaching if He didn’t want me around which He most certainly did. i’m sure we’ll talk about it more but this week was a good week for us even if the rest of the world got beat about the head. i’ve been writing for nearly an hour now let me stop.

see ya
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