two steps forward, three steps back

all in all today was a good day. work was good. afterwork has been mostly good. prints i’ve had collecting dust have finally found their home in frames that were on sale at hobby lobby. and then šŸ™‚ well then Emperor logged on and my heart did a pitter patter as it always does. maybe i’ll get spanked tonight. maybe i’ll get to sit as His feet and soak up the wonder that is Him. maybe He’ll rename me and i’ll really be His. not so much. after my inital hug, not a word. i’m not panicked or distraught, just a little disappointed. what can i do really but sit and twiddle my thumbs (ie blog to all of you anonymous people). i guess i could log off and go to bed but then i’d just lay here and wonder what He was doing. i’m such a pitiful sight at the moment. oh well i’ll listen to my radio till i get bored and then i’ll pack it in for the night.


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