should i stay or should i go….

okay so i’m being moody but Emperor doesn’t understand the whole periodic pet thing. i’ve missed Him mercilessly but i don’t think it matters. He’s off doing, well Emperor stuff–He’s a little secretive–and i’m sitting here bored. i keep trying to remember that He stated He wanted me around but well when you don’t hear from the object of your desire routinely it’s easy to get a little weird. which of course i’m keeping to myself. i am being a dutiful pet regardless. i’ve set up groups in various spots to help find Emperor’s newest toy. i’m extending myself in private to hopefully….well i don’t know what i’m hoping for anymore. i’m tired as all sin but my place is in the progress of transition from apartment to my space. maybe it will feel more homey if Emperor comes and christens the place with me. who knows? back to the 4400 and i need to start dinner.

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