Easing on down the road…

Okay so you knew I would be back soon. I like talking about myself and this. So about 30 minutes ago I left you with some sketchy details but some fleshed out background. Here we go with the nitty gritty of things. I met, let’s call him Emperor, Emperor very casually. We posted something the other appreciated and went straight on into what started as some friendly chat. Emperor is very intelligent and talking to him was, if nothing else, very stimulating. I mean it’s not everyday you find an intelligent single man that is not trying to molest you via the net. We were strictly buddies for a stretch. A random conversation late one evening could not have prepared me for what came next. We figured out quickly that we connected on that power exchange level and it wasn’t long before I was begging him to test my mettle as it were. He was much more experienced than my previous companions. He gave me basic lessons on everything from how to address him to the various ways I could be tied up to sites he did or didn’t recommend for me to gather more information about the journey I thought I was ready to take.

It all could have been overwhelming but he gently coaxed me and encouraged me and sought to nurture the burdgeoning submissive in my being. It was thrilling really. The idea that someday soon I’d be turning myself over to Emperor’s care was enough to make me travel to him. Talking about it for weeks made it impossible for me to just sit still with the information. I needed to know if I would be able to handle whatever it was that he chose to bless me with. The initial few minutes, like our conversation, was tame enough. He chose to kiss my thighs and from there it was ratcheted up until I was chained ankle to wrist and begging to lick some part of his skin. Emperor deftly blended the tightness of the ropes with gentle stroking, biting, kissing and forceful commands. My mind was truly blown before he finally released me and I knew for certain that the thought I had could be a happy reality.

I have been enjoying a few necessary shopping sprees to better dress for the role. I can’t wait to see him again as I most certainly have a surprise for him. But as he knows, I’ll be waiting at his feet to fulfill his every command. He gave me the best gift EVER and the least I can do is return the favor.

I know this won’t make sense to some of you. How could anyone willingly get into this without being screwed up? It’s very easy and it allows me a whole different avenue for pleasure. Judge if you must but remember a sister is happy and as long as that is the case Emperor will be happy too as long as I have something to say about it.

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